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What is real “speed”?

Grip, flexibility, and puncture resistance. A new peak for JAPAN road tires that have gone as far as they can to answer the question of "speed." AGILEST surpasses AGILEST, the birth of the premium flagship with the lowest rolling resistance in Panaracer history.

The lowest rolling resistance in Panaracer's history,
"The fastest solution for the ROAD."

Conventional wisdom for road bikes has always believed that it is impossible to reduce rolling resistance and improve grip at the same time, but the "F Material" developed for AGILEST FAST has succeeded in achieving both light rolling and high grip. The "AGILEST FAST" is born, the "fastest solution for the road" that achieves the lowest rolling resistance in Panaracer's history (※).

(*) Results based on in-house testing (clincher tires)

Panaracer's new premium flagship road tire model

The "AGILEST FAST" has succeeded in reducing rolling resistance by approximately 45% (※) compared to the previous high-performance model "RACE A EVO4" , and approximately 20% (※) from the current AGILEST. Even faster and more flexible. As a premium flagship model of Panaracer road tires , it realizes the high-dimensional ride that high-performance-oriented riders desire.

(*) Results based on in-house testing (clincher tires)


The grip was good and I could easily feel the grip of the road on my body, so I was able to go downhill faster and safer than ever before.
As for the ride comfort, I switched from the AGILEST LIGHT, so the vibrations felt gentler on my body.

吉岡 直哉 選⼿

Overall, I have a good impression of it.
It rolls lightly, has high vertical rigidity, and handles smoothly.
I don't dislike the lateral flexibility when cornering. It gives the impression of a firm grip at the bottom of the corner.

⼩野寺 玲 選⼿

All newly developed "F material"

"AGILEST FAST" uses our proprietary "F material".
Furthermore, by irradiating it with an electron beam,
we have maximized the potential of the material.

"Rolling resistance x puncture resistance" / AF BELT (AGILE-F BELT) Agile-F belt

  • A newly designed puncture-resistant belt designed with a focus on reducing rolling resistance
  • The combination of tread thickness and belt reduces rolling resistance without compromising puncture resistance

"Rolling resistance x flexibility" / AGILE-F CASING Agile-F casing

  • Ultra-lightweight, highly flexible, ultra-fine cord woven at high density for weight reduction without sacrificing durability
  • Also contributes to reducing rolling resistance

"Rolling resistance x grip" / ZSG AGILE-F COMPOUND ZSG Agile-F Compound

  • A new compound design that overturns the common belief that "hard tires roll well" by providing a soft, firm grip while still rolling well.
  • Panaracer's lowest rolling resistance ever

ELECTRON BEAM Electron beam irradiation

By irradiating the surface of the material with an electron beam, the material's fluidity control, heat resistance, and strength are dramatically improved.

"Black Rainbow" changes colour depending on riding

AGILEST goes beyond AGILEST.
The package and label of the "AGILEST FAST" feature a "black rainbow" color that changes color depending on the angle . The package and tire label, which express various colors, symbolize Panaracer's premium flagship model that supports a variety of riding .

*The combination of parts marked in red is the design standard.

*The tire width indicated is the standard value and will vary depending on the type of rim and air pressure used.

* × indicates a combination that we do not recommend, ⚠ indicates a dangerous combination

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