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  • Pressure Relief & Added Flex
  • Naturally Flexible Rubber
  • Moves with You
  • All-Surface Absorption
  • Continuously comfortable
Never ride the straight line.
All rides. All roads. All weathers.

The lightest Cambium ever, the C13 Carved is our top racing saddle featuring a uniquely flexible vulcanised-rubber top with a hole for anatomical pressure relief and a weight saving carbon frame.


  • Vulcanised Natural Rubber Saddle Top
  • Cut-out for pressure relief
  • Flexible and Robust Saddle Surface
  • UV + Abrasion Resistant
  • Waterproof Nylon Cover
  • Anodised Aluminium Rivets
  • Continuous Carbon Rail


  • Professional and amateur racing
  • Road cycling
  • Fast touring
  • Gravel & Bikepacking
  • All weather conditions

Naturally Flexible Rubber

Our Cambium saddles are made from flexible natural rubber, harvested from trees.

All-surface absorption

Designed to absorb shocks and smooth out the ride.

Continuously comfortable

Provides natural comfort for the duration of the ride in all conditions, over all terrain, performing consistently over time and through constant use.

Moves with you

Rubber is a natural substance that reacts to and follows the rider's movements.

Pressure Relief & Added Flex

A single cut out helps make our Carved saddles more flexible and better able to reduce anatomical discomfort.


145 mm: L 275 x W 145 x H 55 mm
158 mm: L 275 x W 158 x H 55 mm
Weight: 145 mm: 280 g
158 mm: 295 g
Rail: 7x9 mm Carbon Braided

Maximum rider weight: 100 Kg / 220 Lb


Carbon rail
Vulcanised Natural Rubber and Nylon Top.


Forward riding position

The lightest Cambium ever, the C13 Carved is a racing saddle featuring a uniquely flexible vulcanised rubber top with a hole for pressure relief. Built with a continuous carbon rail, this racing saddle keeps riders in control by absorbing shocks and vibrations better than plastic saddles with foam padding. Our most flexible Cambium model, the C13 Carved is available in two widths for every performance riding situation.


This Cambium Saddle is manufactured in Italy and guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for 2 years from the date of purchase.


What are Cambium saddles?

Cambium saddles are made from vulcanised natural rubber for flexible performance when riding, reducing shocks and vibrations and offering the rider improved road feel over traditional foam or gel saddles. This construction of the Cambium mimics the leather saddle construction and therefore offers a similar “hammock” comfort. Cambium is also maintenance free, meaning you do not need to adjust saddle tension. Likewise, the material we use will not be affected by rain. Cambium saddles are also available in a carved version for riders who seek to reduce pressure on the perineum or desire a more flexible saddle.

How do I care for and maintain my Cambium?

With the cambium range we suggest to check your rivets to see if they are still tight. Over time, due to the vibrations from the road the rivets can loosen, though this is a seldom occurrence. Remember these saddles are hand assembled in the factory, which means all maintenance can be done by hand.

What can I do if my saddle makes a creaking noise?

A creaking noise from your saddle likely means that the nose rails are rubbing somewhere on the rubber top. This can be alleviated with a small dab of grease. Additionally, a noise can be made where the rails meet the back plate by the little black rubber plug. In this case the saddle could be reassembled and a small amount of grease applied at the contact points.

^Please leave a message at checkout for the color of the Cambium bar tape. Random color will be sent if there is no instruction. (Subject to inventory availability.)

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