MagicShine Hong Kong Authorized Reseller 2 Year Warranty

Although the failure rate of MagicShine is very, very low, bicycle lights are always used outdoors. They need to be exposed to wind, rain, and riding shocks. In addition, each light has many electronic components, so the original warranty is very important.

MagicShine requires all warranties to show proof of purchase from authorized stores, and of course Asia Bicycle is authorized, so if you have any questions, you can contact us directly. If you buy from other regular authorized dealers, you can also ask us to help with warranty, or if you have any doubts about the supply of MagicShine in other stores, we can also help you figure it out.

Multifuntional CNC Machined Aluminum Handbar offset Mount
with 5 kinds of base adaptor:
- for Bike Computer (Garmin/Wahoo/Polar/Bryton)
- for MJ-900 series front lights
- for Garmin based phones
Competiable with all Magicshine ALLTY series bike lights and MONTEER 6500

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