GUB M5 MIPS Helmet
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Premium webbing for a comfortable fit

The comfortable fit is easily adjustable and reduces friction against the face and ears.

Comfortable sweat-absorbing chin pad

The chin pad has a good sweat-absorbing function, and it can also be disassembled and washed to avoid the growth of bacteria.

ITW smooth socket

ITW socket quick release helmet does not buckle

360-degree head circumference adjustment

According to the size of the head circumference, rotate to adjust the tightness, and easily find the tightness that suits you

Removable inner lining

Velcro closure for comfort and breathability. Easy to disassemble and wash, solve the sanitation and cleaning of the helmet.

14 holes for ventilation, say goodbye to stuffiness

14 air holes, diverting air resistance, reducing wind resistance, ventilation and ventilation to reduce stuffiness.

Integrated edging for more texture

The PC shell wraps the high-density EPS helmet body, and the two materials are seamlessly connected.

EPS raw material dual mold integrated molding

High-quality EPS material is used to thicken the double-mode PC shell to make the helmet structure more compact, shock-resistant and vibration-resistant, and protect your head safety

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