GUB SV7 Ultra Light Carbon Helmet
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26 ventilation holes

There are as many as 26 ventilation holes in the helmet as a whole, even in the hot summer, you can still feel the cool breeze

ionic fabric antibacterial and deodorant

The inner lining is made of IONIC+ fabric, which is added in the form of additives Added during finishing, positively charged silver ions act on the surface of the fabric to achieve antibacterial effect while preventing odor

Only weighs about 230 grams

Thanks to the multi-ventilation design and the one-piece structure design, the helmet only weighs about 230 grams, making riding light and unburdened

Carbon fiber frame safety upgrade

Based on the mature helmet structure, the eye-catching carbon fiber The blood vessels run through it, showing individuality and making the overall structure stronger

Integrated edging

Integrated edging, more beautiful and better experience

Adjustable design by dialing up and down

Slide up and down according to your own head shape to adjust the wrapping comfort

Luban No. 1 Quick Adjuster

The overall length is adjusted through two pairs of rack and pinion meshing transmission, and two pairs of ratchets The two adjustment methods are independent of each other and the structure Compact, easy to operate and highly practical. Press down to enable Twist and tighten UP UP QUICK RELEASE

PC+EPS-body molding

PC shell+EPS shockproof cushioning foam, Double protection, enough security

Comfortable chin pad

Silver ion chin pad, comfortable and sweat-absorbing, removable and washable

ITW buckle design

Smooth to take off and put on, safe and reliable

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