請選擇 顏色
  • Ergonomic Comfort
  • Iconic Brooks style
  • Hard-wearing durability
  • Leather inserts
  • Unique Premium Details
Ergonomic shape with a timeless leather look
For grip and control in all conditions.

Made to perfectly match the timeless style of Brooks England leather saddles, Ergonomic Leather Grips pair comfort with class for city commutes and weekend escapes alike. Designed with a finger-friendly ergonomic shape, our robust handlebar grips are constructed from a hard-wearing rubber body with leather inserts that will patina alongside your favourite bike seat.

  • Ergonomic shape
  • Hard-wearing materials and details
  • Perfect match to Brooks leather saddles
  • Thermoplastic rubber paired with leather inserts
  • Underside grooves for a better grip
  • Commuting in the city
  • Travelling the globe

Ergonomic comfort

Pressure-reducing ergonomic design reduces fatigue for feel and control.


Made with wear and tear-resistant materials.

Unique Premium Details

Special components, designs, materials and manufacturing techniques add unique character and timeless distinction.

L 130x130mm
Weight: 233g (130x130mm)

Aluminium end-plug rivet
Aluminium clamp
Enjoy comfort and control with the classic style of our Ergonomic Leather Grips.

Designed to be both durable and thoughtfully shaped for a confident grasp, our weatherproof handlebar grips feature a special leather insert to perfectly pair with our range of timeless leather saddles. And just like with our saddles, Ergonomic Leather Grips are built to wear in, not out, adding further proof to the Brooks England belief that well-made things only get better with age.

Easy to install, a secure aluminium clamp allows the grip to be adjusted for a perfect fit while the iconic silver rivet at the bar-end adds an elegant finishing touch.