請選擇 顏色

Suitable for Age 3+

  • Frame & Body- Chipmunk's frame and body are made from durable and lightweight injection mold so your kiddo stays balanced but not weighed down by their scooter.
  • Adjustable T-Bar- Chipmunk features a quick-adjustable locking t-bar so their scooter grows as they do!
  • Brakes- Kids can easily stop their scooter when they've had enough. Chipmunk's easy-to-use rear brake securely brings the scooter to a controlled stop when it's time to head back inside!
  • Wheels- Soft and durable PU wheels make for one smooth ride by absorbing cracks and bumps along the way
  • Design- Your lil' speedster will take on the whole neighborhood with Chipmunk's 3-wheel design to promote stability and safety. Chipmunk stands on its own, so no kickstand is needed!

Chase straights, slice corners, and glide down the bumpy sidewalks with Chipmunk newest 3-wheel kick scooter. Its three-wheel design acts as a built-in kickstand so your little chipmunk can quickly hop on and start riding. Zip down bike paths, suburban sidewalks, and through city parks. Chipmunk Scooter comes equipped with an easy-to-use rear brake for safe and controlled stopping. The lean-to-turn system and slip-resistant deck allow your speedster to slice corners while remaining in control of their every move. Chipmunk’s smooth gliding wheels and low-to-the-ground build make for a seamless ride from sunup to sundown.