E-Bike Friendly

For bikes that have no studs for bottle cages

Universal mount

Can be fitted on handlebars, stems or seat posts.

Pivoting support

Possible to adjust it before mounting

Bi-material Bottle cage

Resistant material at its centre. Light and flexible on the outside.

Optimal design

Easy bottle insertion and removal.

The Bottle Cage Mount was developed for people looking for alternative ways to carry a bottle. It is a universal mount built into the Pulse B2 twin-material bottle cage. The mount can be fitted either on the handlebar, on the head tube or on the seat post. It is a product for people who want easier access to their bottle or for people who don't have fixing studs for a bottle cage as is the case for most electric-assisted bikes.
Finally, the mount is pre-mounted, making it easier to fit.

80 g
22 to 34 mm
Product reference
Polyamide and polyoxymethylene
Bottle cage material
Technopolymer resin and reinforced composite materials.

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