• Ergonomic Comfort
  • Hard-wearing
  • Unique Premium Details
Hard-wearing, Comfortable, Adjustable.
For grip and control in all conditions.

Perfectly matched to Brooks Cambium saddles, the ergonomic Brooks grips are durable and weatherproof rubber handlebar grips with a pleasant feel, shaped for more comfort and variable grip positions.

Ergonomic comfort

Pressure-reducing ergonomic design reduces fatigue for feel and control.


Made with wear and tear-resistant materials.

Unique Premium Details

Special components, designs, materials and manufacturing techniques add unique character and timeless distinction.

130 mm (Left and Right)
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Varying sectional rubber density
  • Hard-wearing materials and details
  • Perfect match to the Cambium saddles
  • Thermoplastic rubber vulcanised with UV + Abrasion-Resistant Waterproof Nylon on the top and ergonomic grooves on the underside
  • Commuting in the city
  • Travelling the globe
  • Gravel & Bikepacking
Aluminium end-plug rivet
Aluminium clamp
Nylon fabric
Thermoplastic rubber rubber
Sporting details to perfectly match with our Cambium Saddles, Brooks Ergonomic Grips are durable and weatherproof rubber handlebar grips with a pleasant touch and feel. Nylon fabric and vertical grooves on the underside provide increased comfort and variable hand positions. The aluminium clamp allows the grip to be adjusted for a perfect fit, with the iconic Brooks rivet at the bar end added for an elegant finishing touch.