The Z Bar Plugs is a tubeless tyre repair kit that sits inside the handlebars. It has two detachable parts. The first part has a needle tool as well as three 5mm thick tire plugs and the other part has a knife with three 2mm tire plugs. You don't need any tools to attach it to the handlebars; you just need to turn the aluminium outer. Each part can be attached to the left or right depending on the rider's preference. The Z Bar Plugs give cyclists the possibility to have a permanent repair solution for punctures to their bike whilst out riding.

  • SIMPLE TO USE - No need to remove the tyre.
  • BETTER RELIABILITY - Long-lasting repair for 1 to 5mm punctures.
  • EASY ACCESS - Possible to get out without any tools using an expandable screw system.
  • DISCRETE WITH A SLEEK FINISH - Integrated in the handlebars. Bar end plugs in anodised aluminium.
  • POSSIBLE TO ATTACH A CHAIN - The needle tool adaptor can be used for securing a safety chain (chain not supplied).
Material: Anodised aluminium handlebar plugse
Weight: 75 g
Length: 2 x 50 mm
User: XC, Enduro
Handlebar compatible: Internal diameter of between 17.5mm and 21mm
Plugs: 3 x Ø 2mm + 3 x Ø 4mm

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