Selle Royal Look IN 3D Relaxed

The LookIN Relaxed saddle is the ultimate in comfort when you’re riding in an upright position. The 3D SkinGel ‘window’ allows you to see the positioning of the responsive Royalgel™ padding, which forms and flexes according to your position on the saddle – reducing pinch points and pains by up to 40%. The LookIN Relaxed’s Cupspring suspension system – inspired by classic cycling saddles, but executed using modern technologies – provides unbeatable shock absorption from impacts. The tough SuperFabric® cover gives brilliant scratch and abrasion-resistance – really helping to boost the saddle’s longevity, while the FLEXITE shell features a unique indented structure, adding superb flexibility and shock-absorption to the saddles already excellent ride quality.

Size: 228mm x 260mm

Weight: 634g

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